Saturday August 24 & Sunday 25 August 2019

13:00 till 23:00

Gaasperpark, Amsterdam

Side of metrostation Gaasperplas

18 years, a valid ID is required

Children are allowed if guided by an adult

We highly recommend coming with public transportation since the Gaasperplas metro station is practically right next to the festival site. Take Metro 53 in direction ‘Gaasperplas’, at the final stop you can follow the signs to the entrance of the festival.

We need to emphasize that there are (almost) no parking possibilities. Otherwise you will need to park your car in another part of the city.
At metrostation Kraaienest there is a limited amount of free parking spaces available.

We have a special entrance for wheelchairs and almost all roads on the festival grounds are accessible with wheelchairs.

Please get in touch at if you have any special requests concerning accessibility.

Visitors must be in possession of a valid entry ticket

•ID is required at request of the security and staff

•Reggae Lake Festival has a no re-entry policy.

•Bringing your own drinks and / or food is not allowed.

•Possession of pointed, blunt or firearms, as well as objects that can be used as weapons, is prohibited. With confirmation you will be handed over to the Police.

•Trafficking of hard drugs is not allowed at the festival. When finding following confiscation and / or transfer to the police.

•When the visitors enter the venue they automatically agree to a voluntary search.

•Aggression (verbally) and threat to staff or security service, as well as destruction of property are prohibited and lead to expulsion.

•Sexual harassment, racism and discrimination are not permitted and lead to expulsion.

•Evidence of the staff or the security should be followed.

•We reserve the right to conjecture on our part of gathering where nuisance, danger and / or nuisance caused to third parties, to immediately deny access and / or remove those from the event site.

•In case of theft at all time this will be reported to police.

•Dogs are not allowed on the festival site.

•Video and audio recordings are not allowed on the festival site; only allowed when provided with the express written consent of the organization.

•Bicycles are not allowed on the festival site.

•If you don’t agree with the above house rules, you will be denied access without the right to reimbursement of tickets, any service charges and/or other costs.


Important last information

Openingstijden: opening hours

Zaterdag & zondag 13:00 – 23:00

Saturday & Sunday


Er zijn lockers te huur bij de entree

Lockers are for rent at the entrance

Parkeren / parking

Er is geen parkeerplaats. Dus we raden aan zoveel mogelijk met openbaar vervoer te komen. Bij metrostation Kraaiennest is beperkte parkeergelegenheid. There are no parking lots . limited parking space is available next to metrostation kraaiennest. We advice to travel by public transport.

Openbaar vervoer

Metro 53 en bus 47 stoppen bij Gaasperplas, vlak voor het park. De GVB zet extra metrowagons in.

Metro 53 and bus 47 stop at Gaasperplas right in front of the entrance of the park.

Maatregelen weer / weather adjustments

Op het festivalterrein staan meerdere tenten, mocht het regenen. Alle looppaden zijn verhard en er zijn vlondervloeren gelegd.

There are several tents on the venue for shelter. All walkways are paved and platform floors have been laid.

Mag ik een paraplu meenemen? Can I take an umbrella with me?

Ja. mits dit een opvouwbare paraplu is zonder punt

Yes, however it needs to be foldable without a pointed handle

Munten / Tokens

Eten en drinken betaal je met munten. Munten kun je kopen met PIN, CASH, en Creditcard. Er zijn meer pin dan cash verkooppunten, vergeet je pinpas dus niet. Het is niet toegestaan eigen consumptie mee te nemen.

You need tokens to buy food and beverages. Tokens can be bought with DEBIT CARD, CASH and CREDITCARD.

It is not allowed to bring your own consumption

Wildplassen is ten strengste verboden. Hou rekening met de natuur in dit prachtige park en help het schoon houden. peeing outside the toilets isstricly forbidden. Be gentle with nature in our beautiful park and help to keep it clean.